Guo Meimei gambling case will be held tomorrow, the godfather is not involved

Guo Meimei and Zhao Xiaolai were accused of opening casino crime
Xinhua News Agency reporter (reporter Xiong Lin Lu Chang Lu Guoqiang) reporter learned from the Dongcheng District People's Court on the 8th, the concern of Guo Meimei, Zhao Xiaolai casino crime case will be September 10 according to the law applicable to the public hearing. The prosecution allegations, the defendant Guo Meimei together with Kangnai De (foreign, separate case), Lu Mou (handled separately), in the evening of March 13, 2013 to 14 am, in Beijing, Chaoyang District, an international apartment room opened Casino, organization Zhu and others to "Texas Poker" way gambling activities, gambling money amounted to a total of 400,000 yuan. It is reported that the defendant Guo Meimei, Zhao Xiaolai together with Chen (handled separately), Lu Mou, in the evening of June 26, 2013 to 27 am, July 1, 2013 to 2 am, twice in the Apartment in the room to open a casino, the organization of Lee and others to "Texas Poker" way gambling activities, gambling money totaling 1.739 million yuan. The defendant Zhao Xiaolai in the above two gambling, knowing that Guo Meimei opened casinos, still provide funds for settlement services, the use of POS machines for gambling personnel gambling money totaling 1.03 million yuan. The defendant Guo Meimei was seized by the public security organ on July 9, 2014, and the defendant Zhao Xiaolai was seized by the public security organ on September 27, 2014. The evidence of stolen goods has been seized by the public security organs according to law. August 20, 2014, Guo Meimei by the Beijing Dongcheng District People's Procuratorate suspected of opening casino crime approved by the arrest, the case into the criminal justice process. Police have identified: Guo Meimei has more than 60 times from Macau, Hong Kong and neighboring countries gambling. At the end of 2012, Guo Meimei at the Macau casino met a foreign professional Texas poker gambler Kang Moumou, and soon developed into a lovers relationship and cohabitation in Beijing. In February 2013, Guo Meimei and Kang Moumou planned to set up a casino in Beijing, by his life assistant Lu Moumou come forward in Chaoyang District, Beijing West Tower, the monthly rent of 19,000 yuan rent a set of housing for a bet The Subsequently, Guo Meimei and Kang Moumou purchased a table, chips, POS machines. Since then, Guo Meimei every time they hire a professional dealer, looking for someone responsible for gambling settlement, and call or send a micro letter to invite "friends" door gambling, she took 3% to 5% of the rebate as "money". Police preliminary verification, Guo Meimei gambling gambling gambling money each amount in more than one million yuan, she personally through the "pumping" illegal profit of several hundred thousand dollars. Procuratorial organs that the defendant Guo Meimei, Zhao Xiaolai to ignore the law, set up casinos, the circumstances are serious, their behavior jointly violated the "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 302, paragraph 2, Article 25, paragraph 1, Facts are clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient, should be set up casino crime to pursue their criminal responsibility. According to the relevant person in charge of the court, Guo Meimei, Zhao Xiaolai was accused of opening casino crime case, whether gambling or gambling, the staff are not involved in the network stir-fried Guo Meimei "godfather". And the other defendant Zhao Xiaolai through a friend and Guo Meimei acquaintance, and for her gambling to provide POS machine funds settlement and transfer payment services.

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