Female tenants check out after the landlord even the eggs are not let off (Figure)

Police to the district property transfer monitoring
(Reporter Bi Jihong) in the morning to rent a home check the key, the night home to find the home was stolen, and a pair of small couples in Changchun to check the property and the investigation of the property after the monitoring, Found that people who are burglary is renting households. And a few days, everyone put together the woman bit by bit, found that she has multiple identities. Let's see what kind of identity she has in life. Rent the identity: the daughter of the child alone to help the little girl and her boyfriend Xiaoliu in the Silicon Valley Street, the new Xingyu and Wyatt bought a two-bedroom house, simply renovated, decided to rent the intervening room and living room. They are released on the Internet, interchated quickly rented a young man working in Changchun. March 27, a nearly 50-year-old woman to see the room, said to rent a living room. This woman is short hair, wearing glasses, medium build, eloquence is particularly good. "She said she was divorced for more than a decade, alone raising her daughter, and now her daughter went to college, and said that he was not easy." Zhang said, after sympathy, she said he had a house in Fuyuan City, Now bought a high-tech district of another district of the house, just finished decoration, to discharge the smell, so want to rent short-term. She coaxed two people did not sign an agreement with her. To her to a copy of identity card, she said no band. Rent 450 yuan, they also received a month deposit. March 29 woman after admission, Zhang several times to urge a copy of ID card, she stalled several times, and later took an original ID card, the above name is "Yin Chun", the address is Changchun City, 46 years old. Tenant status: former civil servants Peking University graduates "I am always a little skeptical about her, every time you go out to ask the lock door." Koyanagi said that the female tenant claimed to be a civil servant, is graduated from Peking University, but he is a university graduate, casually chatted two to feel right Not on. And live in between the young man is graduated from Peking University, the two of them also talked about it, female tenants, then people think that donkey lips do not horse mouth. Female tenants do not work, every day in a nearby area mahjong play mahjong. 7 o'clock in the morning to go back at 12 o'clock at night, as if tired not at night will keep eating. In mid-May, she decided to go before, some of their own items removed, the two also returned her deposit. May 18, Zhang to work, she insisted on going downstairs with Xiao Zhang, and the key to pay up. "The key is paid, I can not be here." She was righteousness, then rain, she called her daughter quickly to pick herself. Xiao Zhang that day also effect, no lock bedroom door. Elevator monitoring shows that the two are 8:15 under the elevator. After going out, two people go separately. The identity of the suspect: vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, even the eggs are taking that day Xiao Zhang Xiaoliu home from work, found home stolen, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, the most important thing is the laptop, which has a lot of important information. In the kitchen, dozens of stupid eggs that the parents brought from their hometown were stolen. They both reported to the police. Police to the district property transfer monitoring, the result is the implementation of the theft of female tenants. Elevator monitoring shows, 8:19, her empty hands into the elevator, on the 20th floor, into the small Zhang home. 8:30 or so, she opened the elevator, put a vacuum cleaner into, and turned back to take a rice cooker and a large bag, from the side of a small area to leave. View the monitor, the property staff think of a woman 10 days ago had a property, immediately transferred out of the monitor, asked them is not a person, a small couple at a glance to see: "is her!" Trouble: Department of the original property on May 7 at 23 o'clock, female tenants home, in the cell door, the security asked her is not the owner, where to live. She could not answer, the security did not let her go, then let her into, she refused to enter. In the property office, she claimed to be willow, 51 years old, is the court, said her husband died, her husband's strength. She said he had a heart attack, this time they gas to the case, if the consequences of disastrous consequences, asking for huge compensation. Property 5 people take her Mozhe, she downtown to more than 4 am, see it is not possible to pay to leave. "She also said that he is the whole house to buy the house, arrogantly said: 'The whole district has a few full house to buy a house?' She said she has a dozen real estate, not necessarily where to live." Property staff said. Mahjong hall identity: also reported another name and another house said that a few days ago, female tenants said he was a car scratch, she had to pay the other 1,000 yuan to give up. In addition, the mahjong people were impressed by her, "We all feel her old, she said he was a retired civil servant, said his husband, her husband is a high weight of the people." And she told the mahjong name, And "Yin Chun" and "willow" is not the same. Xiao Zhang to the police station police, the police on the verification of "Yin Chun" this person, found that there is no such person's identity information. In the property trouble, the staff had reminded her to have a monitor, her every action is to avoid being photographed positive face. And the district monitoring clarity is not high, can only confirm that she implemented the theft. Property staff was photographed with her cell phone process, with a clear face. At present, Changchun High-tech Zone police have set up theft investigation. Police remind the rental housing, the owner should be the rental information to the police station to verify, so more secure.

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