Psychiatric man hacked parental wife did not stop charged with intentional homicide

Dingmou father and Yang Hua between the text messages show
Yang Hua (a pseudonym) to accompany the mentally disabled husband Dingmou to his parents talk about things, did not expect Dingmou disease, the dispute will be two elderly people killed dozens of knives died. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court as a guardian of the young man Yang Hua did not fulfill the obligation to security guard to intentional homicide sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for 5 years. According to the prosecution allegations, October 17, 2014 3 pm, Yang Hua and his 46-year-old husband Dingmou came to Haidian District Dingmou parents home talk about children. When the incident, Ding Mou's father old age 83 years old, while the mother Dumou 76 years old. Dingmou and his parents quarrel, then Dingmou in the living room with a chopper repeatedly cut his parents' head, face and arms, two old people fell to the ground. Prosecutors alleged that Yang Huaming know Dingmou suffering from mental illness, did not stop her husband attack, did not cry for help, and in the two old people there are signs of life when the room lights off the scene, back home after the cleaning immediately There are blood shoes and clothes. 17:20 the same day, the two old ladies home to visit their parents and found that the two were killed after the alarm. Police investigation that Dingmou and Yang Hua has a major crime suspects, 22 o'clock that day, Yang Hua took the public security organs after the phone was summoned to the case. Evidence shows that after the incident Haidian Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team technical team on-site investigation and found that the old couple's body on the side of the refrigerator in the west side of the floor, a prone in a wooden table below. The scene has blood, blood footprints and so about 100, verified, and some blood footprint is Yang Hua wearing black shoes left left. Two forensic corpse examination and identification of the book shows that Dingmou father was repeatedly washed head and head and double upper limbs, caused by traumatic hemorrhagic shock with craniocerebral injury death, Dingmou mother was repeatedly used to sharpen the head and face Double upper limbs, causing traumatic hemorrhagic shock death. Court of the wife said that because of the shock did not rescue Haidian court hearing, the elderly two children with civil claims, asked the court to order Yang Hua compensation funeral expenses 7.7 million yuan. In court, Yang Hua that he did not intend to kill. Yang Hua said that the two married more than two years, she did not know Dingmou suffering from mental disability, had not seen Dingmou medicine, Dingmou mental disability card, just to receive welfare, "his father said Dingmou and normal People also did not say let Dingmou regularly take medicine, take him to see the case. "Yang also said that when the incident is Dingmou father first out of control playing Dingmou, his many times to discourage Dingmou. When she left, she was listening to Dingmou's request to turn off the lights, shut the door, did not notice the two elderly people and the ground with blood, did not pay attention to the two groans. Yang Hua claimed that may be due to be shocked, physiological response so that she can not go to rescue. Yang Hua said that from the Dingmou after the entanglement, she went to the police, and said the specific address. In court, Yang Hua does not agree to compensation for funeral expenses. Relevant confession and testimony shows that when Dingmou Yang Hua to his parents home, is his father to find the job is to see the car, no two sister's work is good. Evidence text messages show that the wife knows that the husband is sick of a disability card shows it is a mental disability two. The document was issued on September 18, 2009, in a marked time for the "September 7, 2015" copy, there are Yang Hua's signature and fingerprints. Evidence suggests that Dingmou was hospitalized in March 2008. Dingmou treatment 3 months of discharge, was diagnosed as "paranoid schizophrenia", a history of 21 years. After the incident two psychiatric forensic shows that Dingmou for schizophrenia, the incident, the trial were in the disease period, no criminal responsibility, no trial capacity. Haidian court compulsory medical decision book shows that July 24, 2015, Dingmou in Beijing Ankang hospital was forced medical treatment. Dingmou father and Yang Hua between the text messages show that the day before the incident, the elderly had sent text messages to Yang Hua, "Although he is not serious disease, but at least a quarter to play a needle, take medicine, it is normal. His wife ... "his wife was sentenced to deliberately murder Haidian court after the trial that Yang Hua is Ding's legal guardian, knowing that Dingmou is the implementation of the killing of the two elderly behavior, but not timely to take effective The existence of causality, and its behavior has constituted a deliberate homicide. Haidian court to identify, Dingmou disability certificate in the hands of Yang Hua, Yang Hua should know the mental illness Dingmou, she is Ding's legal guardian, with custody of the legal obligations. The court held that in Dingmou slaughtered, beaten two old man, Yang Huaming know the lives of two people in an extremely dangerous situation, but did not deliberately open the window for help, there is no alarm. In Dingmou slaughtered two old man after dozens of knives, Yang Hua still did not take any relief measures, but to leave the scene, the two elderly people stay at 3 o'clock in the closed room, in fact, the possibility of the two rescued To the lowest, laissez-faire of the death of two elderly people. Yang Hua home immediately after washing their own blood shoes, with obvious intent to destroy the evidence, it can be identified Yang Hua subjective intentional homicide with indirect intentions. Eventually, Haidian court sentenced to committing intentional homicide Yang Hua 3 years suspended for five years, and sentenced Yang Hua compensation funeral expenses 77,000 yuan. (Reporter Zhang Shuling)

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