National People's Congress: the law should be provided actor paycheck does not exceed the film production fee 30%

A film of all the actors of the paycheck
(Xinhua Wang Shu) Yesterday, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to consider the draft law on the promotion of the film industry, more than the National People's Congress Standing Committee members called for governance "astronomical paycheck." Members Dong Zhongyuan said that in response to the actor's astronomical paycheck problem, the law should make a difference, from the law clearly stipulates that a movie all the actors of the paycheck, the maximum shall not exceed 30% of the film production costs. 10 years, the Central Television and other media Secret actor actor pay, "star actor pay the lowest of 25 million yuan, the highest of more than the top of the event, 100 million yuan, the actor paycheck was explosive growth, three years or more than 5000 times, while scientists, professors and workers in all walks of life income growth has dwarfs "the same day, SARFT informed the central inspection group to inspect the rectification situation Said that we must resolutely curb the issue of astronomical remuneration, to guide the industry association joint large-scale film and television companies to seize the suppression of astronomical paycheck industry self-discipline convention. "Since the actor astronomical paycheck problem caused by social hot, that intensified the polarization and social distribution injustice, the law should not be absent, should not stand idly by, do nothing, whether it is as soon as possible to amend the personal income tax law, contract law or enacted film industry Promotion law, should face this problem. "Dong Zhongyuan proposed, from the law clearly stipulates that a movie all the actors of the paycheck, the maximum shall not exceed 30% of the total production costs of the film, the law of the rigid provisions for the film Making a red line on the painting, effectively guide the production of films pay more attention to the story, performance and production of their own level. Members of Sun Baoshu also suggested that, relative to Japan and South Korea and Hollywood star paycheck usually accounts for only 20% to 30% of the total budget of the film, the current domestic actors accounted for 50% of the cost of film production costs. Such as the recent production of the TV series "such as Yi Biography" two starring total of 150 million yuan. He suggested that the development of film pay management system, a reasonable control of the cost of the artist to ensure the quality of film production. "Many actors do not worry about paying personal income tax" actor's personal income tax is also the focus of discussion of the members. "Many actors do not worry about paying taxes, most of their contracts are after-tax prices, but they will require producers to provide proof of tax, as to how much money to pay taxes, generally in advance to talk about, if the paycheck is 500 million, May be an additional sign of a $ 500,000 contract, in accordance with 500,000 yuan to pay taxes, the remaining 4.5 million yuan on the need to deal with their own side. "Dong Zhongyuan said," after-tax "has become Film industry, a bad practice, the state to strengthen the taxation of high-income people, the key is to focus on monitoring the high concentration of income and relatively concentrated industries and groups, the establishment of high income earners income source information database. Members Luo Liangquan also said that the proposed law to limit or through tax adjustment to solve the problem of high actor prices. Voice I think micro-film should also be regarded as a movie, in the case of new media development faster, even more than in the cinema to watch the crowd. Micro-film development is rapid, spread through the Internet more widely, this does not return to the film industry to promote the law to control? If you go to this law to control, set up in the legal provisions to consider follow-up, otherwise it will be a relatively large management loopholes. If the tube, the workload is indeed great. - Zhao Deming, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress I think the relevant departments to approve some of the script should be in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the draft, to protect the freedom of film creation, can only be within the scope of the law, can not interfere with the actor, director how to express. On the one hand this is not your management, you interfere with people, this will hinder people's creation. I used to host a TV talk show, why Hong Kong movies so popular, the mainland can not get out of a Stephen Chow, Stephen Chow has a free environment to create. - NPC deputies Liu Peijiong

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